Movie: Activist Bertha Gilkey

60 minutes featuring Housing Activist Bertha Gilkey.

“We’re a neighborhood, not a project”, states Bertha Gilkey with conviction. As an outspoken productive Housing Activist, Bertha Gilkey of St. Louis made it her life’s work to give back the tenants their homes. She inspires Project Housing residents to become active within their communities and not live solely by the Housing Authority’s regulations. She makes it clear that residents need to be accountable and not sit back while their homes become crime and drug infested. “Just because we are poor doesn’t mean we are not responsible.” Some of Bertha’s proposals that produce major changes include: public safety for children, vigilant residents, and private security. “It takes more than money , it takes attitude to change neighborhoods.” Bertha’s policies of the 70’s and 80’s were so effective they can still be used in modern days as methods of permanent positive changes in Housing Projects.

Bertha Gilkey was National Co-Chair of the National Congress of Neighborhood Women.

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