Ann Giordano

Ann GiordanoAnn Giordano was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is a member of the National Congress of Neighborhood Women and Neighborhood Women of Williamsburg-Greenpoint. Ann learned the relevance of collective action at an early age when she volunteered to run a candy store after the owner, an elder member of the community, collapsed. Throughout the years she became a community leader, organizing the residents of Williamsburg-Greenpoint to solve problems facing their community. She led Operation Main Street to rehabilitate Grand Street through a process of beautification and business improvement. She founded girl scouts at St Francis of Paola and was a scout leader for 12 years. Ann developed and instituted the Community Education Center at Eastern District High School, which helped neighborhood residents find stable jobs.

In 1968 Ann Giordano led the fight to save Leonard Library when the Brooklyn Public Library decided to close the branch due to budget cuts. She organized a petition in Williamsburg to preserve the library and with the support of the school-crossing guards she gathered over 2000 signatures, which resulted in the Brooklyn Public Library reversing its decision.

After years of activism in her community, she graduated from the Neighborhood Women College Program with an associate degree. In 1978 she became the coordinator of the same program, helping grassroots women attend college in the neighborhood and become community leaders themselves.

Ann Giordano has been an activist for over five decades. She strongly believes that community change cannot be achieved by one person, but is the result of collective effort. She continuously encourages young women and men to actively participate in the transformation of their communities.


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