Movie: NCNW Institute in Appalachia Part 1

Video that documents the NCNW Institute of Women Community Development held in Tennessee. Part 1 includes a quick view of the expectations from the women participants, and a presentation from woman activist Ethel Battle Velez on public housing in New York City. Part 2 holds the presentation from several community members that are part of the Woodland Land Trust in Tennessee. Part 3 documents the conclusions on community development from the different teams integrated by grassroots women, students and professionals.

‘As grassroots women and professional women from outside the neighborhood find each other and commit to the support of grassroots neighborhoods, partnerships emerge. They have a shared perspective about the connection between global and local issues. They identify with the seed, with the base, with the beginnings of social creations.’

Marie Cirillo, NW Board and director of the Clearfork Community Institute in Eagan, Tennessee

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