Marie Leanza

Marie Leanza talks to Jan Peterson about how she became a neighborhood activist and leader with the support and guidance of the National Congress of Neighborhood Women. This interview was made during the summer of 2016.

The building located at 29-39 Debevoise St, Neighborhood Women Houses, is named after Marie Leanza and Tillie Tarantino for their abiding commitment to the betterment of Williamsburg-Greenpoint.

Marie Leanza

Image from Metropolitan Avenue directed by Christine NoscheseMetropolitan Avenue

Marie is a lifelong Williamsburg resident. She became involved in 1975 with the National Congress of Neighborhood Women through the Neighborhood Women College Program. Marie Leanza worked for over three decades at St Nicks Alliance specializing in senior housing. She led the fight against redlining in Williamsburg, which resulted in a commitment from Anchor Bank to invest five million dollars in the neighborhood. She was key to the establishment of the Building Survival Fund.

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