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The Neighborhood Women Leadership Walking Tour in Williamsburg-Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Map of Williamsburg Greenpoint walking tour

Map of Williamsburg Greenpoint Walking Tour. Click on the map to see it larger.

This walking tour highlights the role of grassroots women leaders in the historical development, growth and vitality of their community, Williamsburg-Greenpoint.

Plaques were placed at 12 locations to honor individual Neighborhood Women leaders by describing the work they have accomplished at each site along with their names.

The aim of the plaques and the tour is to show that concrete community change and improvement is achieved by the efforts of local, grassroots women activist leaders (not just politicians).    By placing these permanent plaques we preserve the local history of what has been done and encourage other women leaders to take charge of their neighborhoods.

We hope that this Walking Tour is a model for other communities that will create similar tours to celebrate the achievements of their grassroots women.

Learn about these women by reading their bios. Click on the names to go to their pages.

Ann Giordano

Frances Allen

Margaret Carnegie

Maria Fava

Tish and Guido Ciancotta

Dianne Jackson

Mildred Johnson

Marie Leanza

Elizabeth “Betty” Marrero

Sally Martino-Fisher

Pat McGinnis

Geraldine Miller

Christine Noschese

Jan Peterson

Caroline Pezzullo

Mary Alice Richardson

Juanita Orengo-Rodrigues

Sandy Schilen

Tillie Tarantino

Mildred Tudy-Johnston

You are encouraged to explore Williamsburg – Greenpoint and to enjoy taking the waltking tour, read the plaques and visit local shops, cafes and resturants.

Take the Walking Tour!

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3. Visit the places transformed by grassroots women activists in Williamsburg



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Below are reports of previous led tours.  Click on the images to view them as a slide show.

On May 3rd, 2012 we celebrated the first NW Leadership Walking Tour where the women activists talked about their experiences and perspectives. We also unveiled twelve plaques at different sites that honor the important role these women have had in the development of Williamsburg-Greenpoint.


On June 14th, 2014 students from The High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology led the Williamsburg Activism Walking Tour based on stories of community, struggle and women’s leadership. This was the culmination of the Leadership Workshop developed between the National Congress of Neighborhood Women and Student Community Action Tours. Interested in running your own workshop and student led walking tour? Please download the guide here.